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Step Down from Ecofiscal & Stand Up to Big Oil, Says Real Climate Action

Real Climate Action today called on commissioners and advisory board members of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, an oil industry funded private think tank, to step down from the organization and stand up to big oil.

Nick Wright of the national environmental advocacy group Real Climate Action said: “We are calling on each commissioner and advisory committee member of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission to step down and stand up to big oil. It is public record that, despite its misleading name, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission is not a government organization, is not a government commission, is funded by big oil and is relied upon by big oil advocacy groups. At a time when climate change demands the prompt transition from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy, we can’t afford to have big oil buy the debate in an apparent attempt to claim our carbon tax revenues for themselves while delaying and obstructing the fossil fuel phase-out.”

A Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) lobbyist brief recently obtained and released by Greenpeace Canada through a government of Saskatchewan freedom of information request showed that CAPP relies on Ecofiscal in calling for the diversion of carbon tax revenues back to the oil industry. In response, a CAPP spokesperson is reported to have told a Canadian Press reporter in a December 6, 2016 interview that CAPP takes its cue from Ecofiscal.

The carbon tax debate is particularly relevant in light of the Canadian Federal government’s recent announcement that it intends to set a minimum carbon tax that will be imposed on Provinces that do not create their own regime.

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